Interested in joining as an Owner-Op?

Interested in joining as an Owner-Op?

The support and Payouts you deserve

131 Trucking has created what we call a "Blue Ocean Strategy" in this industry. In a red ocean, everyone is feeding and the waters are bloody with competition. In a blue ocean, you swim freely, feeding when you want to. This industry is full of greedy carriers and brokers trying to squeeze the drivers. We work tirelessly to keep your trucks full and operating, and regardless of industry rates, we do our best to help you financially. We offer 90% payouts, weekly payments, access to our brokers, flexible work schedules and home time. Contact us today for information.

My promise to you:

Owner Operators

I promise to be transparent, trust worthy and to work endlessly for you to ensure that your truck is consistently full, at rates that are profitable. As far as I know a 90% payout is hard to find if ever. I want to help you, and in return help us. We have a culture here of no nonsense, respect and professionalism. I promise to treat you as a company driver and make sure your needs are met.


I promise to do everything I can to make sure you are paying a fair rate, deliver your product on time and with care. I promise to be available to you 24/7 with access to my personal phone as well as my personal assistants phone. The real benefit to you is in knowing you will never get the runaround, and you will be informed throughout your entire experience with us.


Thank you all,