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Professional Trucking Jobs based in Kalamazoo, MI

Who We Are

131 Trucking has created the first model of what a Motor Carrier should be doing. This is called a Blue Ocean Strategy.

Owner Operators step out of a paid company position, to take on more risk for a chance to make more money.

Today, nobody shows you the actual contracts, nobody helps you if your truck is off the road. you have to give up 10-25% of your gross revenue off the top! and for what? what are they doing to help you advance your business?

We have partnered with the Wealth Creator Clinic, to provide an exclusive membership option for Owner Operators.

The membership includes (but not limited to): Dispatch, Billing, Invoicing, Collections, Factoring, Fuel Cards, Maintenance Support, Weekly Business/Results Coaching, Network introductions to Accounting Firms, Lawyers, Finance companies who will lend to your company to purchase assets vs. having to buy using your personal guarantee. Weekly and Monthly profit and loss reports, help with IFTA.

Basically your Business Coach is similar to a Sports Agent, in that their main focus is to help you grow, make money and bring your visions to reality.

In addition to that, we have the internal infrastructure and the membership is basically using us as your staff. You are your own boss and you will make your own decisions.

By the way the membership is fully tax deductible, and it will be a tax credit towards any net income your company may have.

We are here for you. Now its time for you to make the money you are driving to earn.

Antonio Bravata

Chief Executive Officer

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Kevin Adams

Co-Owner/Director of Operations

Has been driving semi’s for over 10 years, and is dedicated to the continued health of the vehicles 131 Trucking operates, as well as understands every drivers needs, because to this day even as an owner Mr. Adams chooses to be on the road driving. His focus is to ensure that every driver has what they need, and that they are taken care of.


Tina Bravata

Chief Staffing Officer

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Ryan Banks

Director of Risk Managment

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Rina Esmerovic

Director of Dispatch

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Our Partners

Wealth Creator Clinic

Our Drivers are our Best Asset


My promise is to always provide our Members the most outstanding support network available. With a full on Staffing team as well as Business coaches we will bring you the most value and support you have ever experienced within your driving career.

The Owner Operators of our country are the backbone of which our economy thrives. For too long you have given up a large chunk of your revenue to line the pockets of the Motor Carriers of which you sign on to.

Your revenue is YOUR revenue and nobody else’s. we are here to help you grow your company, show you how, and coach you along the way. you will no longer need your authority, you will no longer need to worry about hiring staff, accountants, dispatch, factoring, lawyers, IT, etc.

You will have full transparency, of all contracts, and all expenses.

Let us know how we can help you, and lets begin your strategy, and start to bridge your dreams to reality.